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Dense Frog Warning

Frogger, the thin black and tan kitty, ran up to Smokey, the fluffy white and smoke colored kitty, and excitingly waved his paws in the air in front of him to get his attention, as Smokey was known for his laid back attitude. Once Frogger had his attention he went on to tell him of the fabulous news!
“I just heard Momma say that there is a dense FROG warning for this morning! I think that means that there’s gonna be a LOOOTTT of frogs around here this morning!” said Frogger excitedly. Smokey, a bit skeptical, looked at Frogger from the corner of his eye. “Are you sure she said that? Or are you just joking with me like you do to get me to play?” Frogger held up his right paw and said “I promise, she said there was a dense frog warning this morning!” Hmpphhh thought Frogger and he turned and walked away from Smokey. “Hey, wait up Frogger! I’ll come with you and we can see where the frogs are. Do you think they’ll be down at the pier or at the back of the pond? Did Momma say where they were going to be?”. You could tell by Smokey’s tone of excitement that he had truly believed Frogger and had definitely joined in the fun of the game.
A few hours later: Frogger and Smokey had returned to the house after having found about the same number of frogs as usual for a Monday morning. They saw Momma on the deck drinking her coffee and talking to Cedar and Lily (the dogs). She said to them “This dense fog has stuck around a lot longer than I thought it would”. Smokey turned to Frogger and batted at his tail. “Frogger, Momma said fog not FROG!! But I guess it was still pretty fun to go looking for ’em. Daddy always says its making memories that counts.”