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The Chicken Olympics, Day 1

There were 10 teams competing this year:

  • Farm Athletics Coopsters,
  • ProSport Chickens,
  • Coop Pros,
  • Big Pond Athletics,
  • Leghorn Athletics,
  • Crowers,
  • Eggers,
  • Fast Leg Athletics.

Each of the teams had participants in all of the events. There were some anticipated winners and some unknowns on the roster today. As the crowd filled in the stands and the crew completed the setup for the first races – relays – the teams lined up in the lanes and the judges lined the track. The gun sounded and the first leg of the 400 meter relays began. The seasoned competitors, team Leghorns and Big Pond Athletics were neck and neck for the first two laps on the track. Fast Leg Athletics were hot on their tracks for third place. The freshmen competitors, ProSport Chickens, were holding their own in fourth place. As the third lap drew to a close the Big Pond Athletics moved into first place by just a few paces and Fast Leg Athletics were tied with the Leghorns for second. At the mid-point of the last leg of the relay the ProSport Chickens overcame the other teams to move into second place. The crowd roared their support and cheered the teams thru the final leg. The anchor for the Big Pond Athletics broke thru the finish line with the ProSport Chickens hot on their feet. Now the teams would wait for the presentation of the medals.

Next came the 100 meter hurdles. The Coop Pros had their ace hurdler on the ground for the competition today. Cracker was known for his long legs and ability to almost fly over the hurdles – though flying was against the rules. Several times he had been evaluated post-race because of his great agility in the race. “Frogger” from the Chicken Athletics was rumored to be serious competition for Cracker. The chickens lined up at the starting line. The crowd began to cackle loudly and had to be reminded over the loudspeakers to quiet down so that the runners could hear the starting gun. And they were off!! It was a short race lasting only a couple of minutes but it seemed long to the crowd as they watched Cracker and “Frogger” go beak to beak toward the finish line. At the last second “Frogger” broke thru the tape and lifted his wings in celebration of his win. The crowd went wild with cackling, crowing and wing flapping. Corn flew over the crowd as the chickens jumped in excitement spilling their snacks. Next up were the field events…