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The Chicken Olympics

The day dawned a bit grey. The clouds held the temperature to a cool 43 degrees and the breath from their beaks formed small tendrils of smoke. The Farm Athletics team laughed and joked between themselves, with Donny blowing smoke rings in the cold, wet air. Jack ribbed him about being so full of hot air.

On the other side of the track the Coopsters team stoically walked around stretching. Last evening, they went a little overboard at The Coop. Oakley, Cedric, and Mabel were still sick to their stomachs. Maybe they had a bit too much feed last night.

It was day 1 of the Chicken Olympics 2015! The track was almost humming its excitement and the spirit of the competition gave the air an extra zing of life. You could hear the chuckles and cackles and the occasional crow of the teams and the crowd as they trickled into the stadium.

Over to the south end of the track, you could see the Chicken Athletics team warming up for the first races. The relays were first on the schedule so they were practicing handoffs. Tex, Red, “Frogger” (named for his hopping ability), and Ollie were handing off the multi-colored baton at intervals alongside the track. Their coach, Penny, was yelling encouragement and some words of critique as they moved along.

On the east side of the track, the ProSport Chickens team moved slowly onto the field. This was their first time to the Olympics. Their faces showed the awe of the moment. Even their coach, Tudor, had a hard time hiding the awe on his face, though he’d been in the business for years. Addy, Rancho, and Bungie were twisting their heads back and forth looking at the stadium, the other competitors, and the growing crowd.

The announcers began to test the audio system. The ground crews were finishing the last of the setup of the equipment on the field. You could hear the rumble of the crowd as they made it past the ticket booths and onto the walkways of the stands. You could smell the hot corn cobs, fried worms, and fresh grass nachos from the concession stands scattered throughout the stadium.

There were 10 teams represented at the Olympics this year. The chickens came from all across the world and represented all breeds of chickens. Countless hours of training and hard work were at stake here. Reputations were to be made or crushed. Records sat waiting to be broken. The papers held the full listing of participants and the records from past Olympics. The press anticipated a sold out day for the sporting events. It was rumored that the biggest chicken farms would be here looking for their next sponsorship target, their latest spokeschicken, and the next big athlete to represent them in the Pro Barn games. The Pro Barn games involved more than just chicken events and were the greatest sporting events of all time in the animal world. They even had a Miss Chicken Olympics contest that evening to crown the next beauty queen for the world of chickens.