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Instagram – friend or foe?

Lots of people have Instagram accounts. And I’m betting that a majority of them have not really read the privacy policy nor do they understand that their photos can be shared without their permission. Well, on January 28th nine Instagram users found out that their photos could be used by learning that they were on the front page of The New York Times! In this article on Poynter¬†they talk to one of the Instagram users whose photo appeared on the front page, Jeca Taudte. Ms. Taudte didn’t know her photo was on the front page until another Instagram user commented on her photo. The Instagrammers featured did get their full name shared in the paper.

Though Ms. Taudte was happy with having her photo featured we have to look at the instance where a user would not want their photo shared – that college party where a little too much alcohol resulted in some less than complimentary photos – and those on the professional side of photography that are sharing their photos. Personally, as an amateur, semi-pro photographer I never share my “good” photos on Instagram just for the reason of the lack of control of my photos.

What are your thoughts? Do you use Instagram? And for what?