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The Missing Golf Shoes

Meet the ducks: Blacky, Bella, Malone, Morton, and Bea. They live at the pond on the farm. They are quite mischievous and like to have a lot of fun. Often, this gets them into trouble with the people at the house. They also have a fondness for dog and cat food.

One day the people at the house had gone out on errands. Blacky, Malone and Morton decided to sneak up to the house and wander around a bit. Bella and Bea advised against this. “They could come back at any time! What happens if you get caught?” asked Bella. Blacky reassured her that they should be gone for at least 30 minutes, as they headed down the road toward town. “We just want to see what’s in that room there. They go in and out of there sometimes and they carry stuff in and out. Maybe there is something fun to play with in there.” So the guys waddled on up to the house as the worried girls watched the driveway.

Once inside the room the guys found a TON of things that they had never seen and had no idea with they would be used for. A lot of the things had this very small fat man wearing red. He had a white beard and usually a cowboy hat. He was all over the place – wearing different costumes in red and in all different small sizes. “How very odd” said Malone. “Wonder what they all do? They don’t seem to be moving so maybe they are magic and come to life with some special words or something”. Morton quacked loudly in laughter. “Where in the world did you come up with magic?”  Malone replied “well, that dog keeps tearing up the lady’s books. Sometimes there are pages that are left whole and I can read them. When I get bored I’ll go looking for some pages and read for a while. It relaxes me. It’s pretty interesting, too!” Blacky quacked a short laugh and told Morton “leave the guy alone. At least he’s not getting shot at for pooping on the porches like you!”

After the conversation about the small fat man and the books, they guys set out to digging around in the room. After a few minutes Malone shouted that he found something. So Morton and Blacky waddled over to see what he had. Malone had found shoes. They weren’t the normal shoes that the guys had seen the men wear or the lady wear. The lady usually wore flat shoes that flopped and the men wore really tall shoes. These were’nt floppy or tall. They did have some spikes on the bottom. Malone was in the process of sticking his webbed feet into them when Blacky and Morton arrived. A grin stretched all the way across Malone’s beak. “These are soooo cool!!” He twisted his foot this way and that. His head twisted along with his foot trying to get all the views that he could of the shoe. Blacky agreed that they were pretty cool. Morton said “let’s wear ‘em outside and see what those spikes do”. So the three ducks headed back out of the room to the outdoors.

Once outside, Malone found that the spikes dug into the dirt. This was a bit different way of walking for him. Now his webbed feet had fairly decent grip to them on slimy surfaces. But all Malone’s ticking mind could think of was how useful these would be in the back pond on that slimy hill. They always stumbled and slid going up and down that hill.  Malone commented to Blacky and Morton about his thoughts. “You know these would be great for that slimy hill in the back pond. We could take turns wearing them when we needed to. Then I could work on making some more or we could scout around when the people are gone to see if they have more in that room.” After a minute of discussion, the guys decided that this was a good prize to take away from their adventure today.

Little did they know that they had actually just taken off with the big man’s golf shoes….animals 038b