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Frank and Frangelica Meet

Frank is a teenage frog. He lives at the pond by the big house at the farm. Frank has a whole community of frog friends and neighbors, mostly because he has lived at this pond all of his life. So he knows every branch, fish, lily pad, and any other animal you can think of that lives on the farm and visits the pool. He even knows the back pasture heifers. Frank grew up in a fairly large family, as frog families go. He was the third of 7 frogs born to Firenza and Fortney. So he has watched his older siblings grow up and watched their antics, too. Frank is a smart frog. He makes good grades, As& Bs, at frog school. He competes in frog water polo on the school team. He is quite the accomplished player but doesn’t want to pursue polo after high school. He likes living at the pond and can’t imagine moving away. He has had the opportunity to visit other ponds and enjoyed the travel.

One day at school a new frog joined the class. Her name was Frangelica. She was from another pond in the county that had some algae problems so they had to move to this pond. Frank’s first reaction was “gosh, she is cuter than a baby tadpole”. He was drawn to her dark brown eyes and long black lashes. Frangelica tended to look down and you could almost see her blush. But when she laughed her eyes lit up! Frank got up the courage to introduce himself to Frangelica a few days later after physics class.

Frangelica had another frog, Georgia, as a lab partner and Georgia, liking to flirt with Frank’s lab partner, Corey, had walked up to their table just as the bell rang. While Georgia and Corey flirted Frank asked Frangelica “so how do you like the pond?” Frangelica, again with her eyes looking down and blushing, replied “I like it a lot so far. There are more teenage frogs here than in my previous pond so that is more fun. Plus, we have a great little house just off the pond but you can see it from our front windows and my bedroom window.” Frank was so awed by Frangelica that he stumbled over his next words. “So, uh, well, then, are you going to do any sports or UIL events? I play water polo….” “Oh, gosh!” Frank thought to himself. “That was so lame! She is going to think that I am totally brainless!” Yet, Frangelica was thinking to herself “Frank seems kinda cute in a nerdish but athletic way”. Frangelica told Frank “mmmm, right now I haven’t decided. I played volleyball and was a twirler at my other school. But I have to see how well I can do with my grades first. I promised my parents…” Frangelica’s parents took grades and school very seriously. Her older brother didn’t do so well when he was in school and he was still living at home, much to his parents dismay. Frangelica said “I may get a job, too. It would be nice to be able to buy my own shoes and have money to hang out with friends.” She blushed again as she said “I have about 30 pair of shoes right now. My parents said they aren’t buying me any more of what they call frou-frou shoes – only the necessary ones”. Frangelica was obviously disappointed at this situation. Frank told Frangelica “I know what you mean about getting a job. I want to get one so that I can get a vehicle. My parents, with 4 other frogs at home to raise, can’t afford to buy me one and give me money to hang out and for gas”.

Frangelica then noticed that it was getting time for the next class bell and she didn’t want to be tardy to her next class. Georgia and Corey were still flirting. So she said to Frank “guess I will see you in class Monday. I’ve got to get Georgia and get to our next class.” Frank nodded ok quite dazed. He certainly hoped that he would get to talk to Frangelica on Monday. In fact, he might ask Corey what he and Georgia talked about. They may have been making plans for the weekend and maybe he could get Frangelica to go out as a group…