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Before Heidi Met the Back Pasture Heifers

Heidi wandered around the pasture, stopping to chat once in a while with some of the cows. She took a moment to exchange some hellos with the new calf. The two new bulls were a bit too excited and playful for her to approach today. Sometimes, when she felt a bit more childish she would join in their fun – especially when the other calf did. Heidi is the only heifer in the pasture now. Soon she will be moving to the back pasture with the other 5 heifers. In the meantime, she is enjoying the big pasture and all of the cows to talk to.

The man on the vehicle came out today with the lady and a new person – a cute little girl. Of course, the lady is one of Heidi’s favorites. She gives good head scratches! But it has been a while since Heidi has seen her. So she is a little timid in approaching them today. Heidi walks up to them. The little girl is a bit louder than the man and the lady normally are but she isn’t scared. She knows that the man won’t let anything bad happen to her. The lady has this box and she keeps putting it up to her face. Heidi wonders what that is. But she approaches slowly. The lady holds out her hand for Heidi to sniff. “Yep, it’s the lady! The head scratching can begin!!” Heid says excitedly. The calf and the two bulls are watching curiously but don’t even think about approaching. Heidi turns slightly to them – not wanting the lose the scratching hand – and says “you should really check this out. It feels pretty good to have your head scratched. And if you move your head around she’ll scratch just where you want her to!”. Of course, the little ones weren’t so trusting.

The other cows sat or stood sedately around just watching the man, little girl, the lady, and Heidi. The bulls got up to wander off to the cows or to keep some distance. They weren’t sure that Heidi was all there. She was really friendly and sometimes didn’t seem scared of things that she should have been scared of. So they were a bit leery of her and her adventures.

Heidi wandered around to the back of the vehicle to scratch her head on the metal. She watched the lady, the man and the other cows as she did. The lady got out of the vehicle with that box. She put it to her face several times and a light flashed from it. “I wonder what that box does???” thought Heidi. One of the bulls, only a month or so old, moved on over toward his mother. He wasn’t sure what the box was either and she seemed to be looking at him a lot. None of the cows seemed to pay much attention to the people so the other bull and the new calf  just wandered around a bit watching the crowd.

Heidi then noticed that the lady had come around the back of the vehicle. She didn’t have that box anymore. So Heidi decided to see if she would scratch her head again. Heidi leaned in and stuck her nose up for what they consider a kiss in the animal world – noses touching. Then she gladly closed her eyes and let the lady scratch her head. She was content. But then it came time for the lady to get back in the vehicle and them to go back to the house. Heidi guessed she would see them next time. She has lots of chatting to do now about them anyway…