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Meet the Back Pasture Heifers

Let’s introduce y’all to the back pasture heifers. Kate, Lydia, Matilda, Nelda, and Ophelia live in the back pasture of the house on the farm. They have a good life with a great bunch of people who care for them. Most of the time they just wander between the lots of grass and chat, gossip, munch quietly and nap. Ophelia is the oldest of the group and she has the white face. The rest of the heifers are all completely black and are just slightly different in their ages. Kate is the youngest and she has a much more “city girl” approach to life. Lydia, Matilda and Nelda are the three in the middle as far as age goes. They tend to be more laid back and sometimes they chatter among themselves. You might think that they were triplets as they tend to be able to complete each others’ sentences and tend to think along the same lines on different topics. They are all still a bit shy or skittish with people. They are just now accepting of the occasional head scratch. Every day one of the guys, sometimes with this one lady, comes to give them their treat. Normally, they eat grass – better known as chewing their cud. But this is what Ophelia told the rest of the heifers- that the treat is really like a vitamin for them. They like this very much and often Nelda will actually climb into the trough in an attempt to get more of the treat! Ophelia frowns on this behavior, as she is the most stuffy of the group. She makes a good, reasonable leader for the group but often the younger heifers want to have a bit more fun than Ophelia approves of. 102_2522.JPG