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New Heifers and Matilda Becomes a Star!

It was still winter at the farm. The heifers had experienced the first snows of their lives. The first snow was pretty light around Christmas. Not really much to see then. The heifers wondered what it was, actually. They heard the man from the house call it snow – if not for that they really would not have known what to call it. The second snow was a big one! It came up quickly and covered the ground. The flakes were big and flat. There must have been visitors at the farm because several people came to give them treats the day of the big snow that they did not know.

There were also three new additions to the group of girls: Priscilla, Queenie and Rachel. They came to the farm after the second snow of the season. They were very standoffish. These heifers were also about the same size as Ophelia. So they were bigger than most of the girls. After their second day in the pasture, Ophelia took them aside and explained the rules. “Now listen up, ladies. This is the way it works around here. Every day one or more of the people from the big house come down here and give us treats. We like this. So you need to either be friendly and like them or you won’t be stayin’ here long. If you’re thinkin’ you won’t like bein’ friendly I suggest that you stay back from us that DO like it! Are we all on the same page?” Of course, Priscilla, who was the most outgoing of the three, quickly reassured Ophelia of her understanding and cooperation. “Ophelia, I am a bit shy but I will certainly try to overcome that to make the people from the house happy. And wow! We really get treats every day?” Her big brown eyes with the dark lashes twinkled and blinked in amazement at Ophelia. “Yes, we do. And we appreciate them every day!”

The other two heifers were still a bit unconvinced that they could actually trust the people from the house and Rachel voiced their concern in almost whispered, stuttering words “y-you mean y-you want u-us to-to, like, go u-u-up to them? L-l-let them p-pet u-us?” Queenie snorted and huffed as Rachel finished the question. Ophelia was quick to respond “Yes, we do. If you can’t do that then keep your distance from them. Only come up to the group when they are done putting out the treats and we’ve let them pet us and talk to us. Then you can come up and get your treats.” Queenie and Rachel huffed their agreement. Ophelia added “and if you are that scared, then talk to Lydia. She is not sure of the people either and she’s gotten over it so she can get treats first, too.”

The last snow fell but it was really not that much snow and it melted really quickly. The grass and the flowers had started to turn green. They finished off what would probably be their last bale of hay for the season. Then it was time to graze on the green grass of the pasture and laze in the sun in the afternoons.

One afternoon the lady from the house came to the pasture. She held an envelope in her hand. She was smiling a lot, too, and seemed to be more excited than usual. She put out the treats for the day and then she was petting the heifers and talking to them. When she got around to Matilda she gave the heifers the news – which was the cause for her excitement. “Matilda, we entered you in the Cheese Cowgirls competition and you won!! You get to go to California and train to be a Cheese Cowgirl. You’ll be in commercials and even some movies!” The heifers began to huff their excitement – but not too loudly because they didn’t want to scare the lady from the house. Of course, Heidi being the youngest she got a little more excited than the others and actually stood in the trough and voiced her excitement in a loud “MOOOOO!” The lady from the house just laughed and petted her and teased her for standing in the trough. Then the lady told Matilda “they are going to pick you up on Sunday for your trip. We’re all going to miss you! But get your bags packed and enjoy the next two days with the other heifers. We’re so proud of you!” Then the lady went back to the house for the day.

The next day the man from the first pasture and the boy from the house came to visit at treat time. They were saying how exciting it would be for Matilda and how proud they were. Of course, the heifers were gathered around Matilda – they didn’t want to miss one minute away from her before she left. They would chat and huff and then push each other around playing like little calves – though they were bigger now. Sunday the man from the first pasture and his son came to get Matilda. The lady from the house cried when she left the pasture because she knew she wouldn’t see Matilda again – except maybe in the commercials. But the lady seemed happy when she cried. The man from the first pasture and his son loaded Matilda up after all the heifers said their goodbyes and off she went to be a star!


Heidi Moves to the Back Pasture

Heidi thought the day was pretty cold. It was sunny and there were plenty of other young heifers and bulls to play with. She was the biggest in the pasture of the heifers and bulls. That made it even better for her b/c she could scare them and play jokes on them and just run around with them. The cows were much more sedate and didn’t like to play with her. The man from the house, the lady, the boy from the house and the other man came out to the pasture. They filled the feed bins in the fenced in area up with those treats. Now all the cows were jostling to get to the treats. Heidi wasn’t so sure about going into the fenced in area but she went. She had a whole bin of food to herself for quite a while. The other cows were on the other side of the fenced in area. She saw the lady standing outside and talking to the other people. She looked at her a few times. Then he saw the boy from the house come into the fenced area. He was moving toward her and another cow. He moved them into another part of the fenced area. Then a gate closed. The man from the house came into the new area and then the other cow went out and Heidi was left there alone. She wasn’t sure what was happening but she could still hear the lady talking outside. She saw a gate open into a trailer and she went ahead and stepped into the trailer. Once she was in the trailer pulled up and another door closed. Then the trailer started moving. A few minutes later Heidi stopped. The trailer door opened into a new pasture. She could see 5 other heifers there. They looked pretty happy. She was a bit scared though. The lady came into the pasture but Heidi was too scared to want to go up to her today. The lady, man and boy from the house hung around for a little while. The other heifers weren’t too friendly. They weren’t really mean “but not friendly like I am” thought Heidi. Heidi didn’t really like it in the new pasture at first. She tried to get out and broke a fence and fence post. This seemed to worry the lady. The boy came out and looked at the fence, shook his head, and left. The man from the first pasture came out on that riding thing and chased her back into the new pasture a couple of days in a row. Then as the days passed the other girls were more accepting of Heidi, much to her relief. They got treats everyday. Heidi thought “I could like this a bit better than the old pasture. There are treats every day and these girls could be more fun to play with”.

Meet the Back Pasture Heifers

Let’s introduce y’all to the back pasture heifers. Kate, Lydia, Matilda, Nelda, and Ophelia live in the back pasture of the house on the farm. They have a good life with a great bunch of people who care for them. Most of the time they just wander between the lots of grass and chat, gossip, munch quietly and nap. Ophelia is the oldest of the group and she has the white face. The rest of the heifers are all completely black and are just slightly different in their ages. Kate is the youngest and she has a much more “city girl” approach to life. Lydia, Matilda and Nelda are the three in the middle as far as age goes. They tend to be more laid back and sometimes they chatter among themselves. You might think that they were triplets as they tend to be able to complete each others’ sentences and tend to think along the same lines on different topics. They are all still a bit shy or skittish with people. They are just now accepting of the occasional head scratch. Every day one of the guys, sometimes with this one lady, comes to give them their treat. Normally, they eat grass – better known as chewing their cud. But this is what Ophelia told the rest of the heifers- that the treat is really like a vitamin for them. They like this very much and often Nelda will actually climb into the trough in an attempt to get more of the treat! Ophelia frowns on this behavior, as she is the most stuffy of the group. She makes a good, reasonable leader for the group but often the younger heifers want to have a bit more fun than Ophelia approves of. 102_2522.JPG