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A Baby Brother

Tori remembers the day that Cedar, her new big brother, came to live with them. She was very wary of him. “I believe that he might be interesting. Hmmm, wonder if he will be fun to play with. I’m not really a fan of all that running around and being goofy that he is doing. He’s a bit smaller than me so I’m sure that I can handle him.” As the days went on Cedar and Tori began to play. Now this wasn’t the normal playing that one would expect of a cat and dog. Tori would hiss and hit him with her paws – she had no front claws. Tori thought “Ha, this is kinda fun. I can antagonize him and he really doesn’t do much but come back for more swats. I can jump on him and he is so little that he can’t do much about it. I hiss and growl and he doesn’t even say anything.” Cedar began to grow. Soon he was the same size as Tori. He liked to snap at her to antagonize her and he would put his leg over her to pin her down. Cedar thought “This is so much fun! She is playing with me all the time! I get to wrestle with her and snap and tackle her! Sweet!” Now Momma didn’t really like this. She was constantly telling them to stop making so much noise. Cedar had begun to bark at Tori when they played. She kept telling him something about an inside voice. Cedar thought “Hmm, I wonder what a “voice” is? I bark. Is she meaning that a bark is a voice? Oh well, I just wanna play.” A month or so later Momma got out what Tori knew as the scary fly swatter. Cedar had not seen this before so he wasn’t sure what it was for or what she was going to do with it. When they started getting really noisy when they played Momma would swat them on the nose or hinny with the fly swatter. At first Cedar thought “What is that thing? It kinda hurts when she swats me but not a lot. I’m really confused. Does she want me to stop? But I really like playing with Tori. Hmmm, I think I’ll just wait a minute and sit very still and then when she stops looking I’ll go back to playing.” Tori was very familiar with the fly swatter. Though she had not been swatted much with it she had seen Momma kill many insects with it. So she knew it wasn’t good when Momma got it out. Tori thought “I think this is not good. She is getting serious about our being too noisy. I wonder if Buppy (Cedar’s nickname) will figure this out. When she gets it out and swats I’ll just lay very still until she stops looking then I’ll slyly swat my paw at Buppy. Ha! I think I outsmarted her!” Now the playing continued. Many times Cedar would come out of it with fur in his mouth from snapping at her. Tori had learned that there were places she could go where he couldn’t reach her. But as time passed and Cedar grew those places weren’t working so much anymore. And Cedar had started drinking out of her water fountain! Tori thought “hmmpff! This isn’t working so well anymore. I’ve got to think of something new…”