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Vintage Venice No. 2

Ahh, Venice…. the city I adore!


We are the Storytellers.

Crafted in Carhartt

Olivia Wilde Quote / Crafted in Carhartt

“Our responsibility is to be storytellers. Why aren’t we telling the stories that are educating the masses to empower them?” –Olivia Wilde

The quote above is an excerpt from a panel discussion focusing on the State of Female Justice. Although Olivia is examining the world of film and how it lacks in the realm of strong female narratives, the same can be said of women’s roles in most media platforms.

All too often tales revolve around “women being obsessed with men or supporting them” or filling some ancillary position. How boring is that for the women? Our stories can be every bit as exciting and beneficial to share.

Crafted in Carhartt is a place where women can share their own adventures and knowledge. We are the girls who love power tools, and they are our tools—not our boyfriends’ or husbands’. We are the girls who have started one business after…

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