Frank & Frangelica Unofficial First Date

Last time we saw Frank and Frangelica they were talking after physics class. Their friends Georgia and Corey were busy flirting with each other so they took the time to talk. Frank had hoped that Corey had been talking to Georgia about plans for the weekend so that he might be able to get Frangelica to go out, too.

After Frangelica and Georgia walked off Frank said to Corey “Hey, what were you two talking about? Were you making plans to hang out this weekend?” Corey eyed Frank a bit slyly. “Hmm, I think someone has a crush on the new girl!” Then Corey laughed out loud while Frank blushed just enough to notice. Then he punched Corey in the arm. “Just tell me if you were making plans, dude!” Frank didn’t want to answer any questions about his conversation with Frangelica. Corey then told Frank that he and Georgia had talked about getting a group together at a friend’s house and watching movies on Friday night. “So, Mr. Suave Franky, Georgia is going to see if Frangelica will come. Maybe you want to join the party?” Corey loved to tease Frank. “Heck, yeah, I wanna come to the party! Are you crazy? Besides it’ll be fun to hang out with everybody – we haven’t done something like this in a while. If she makes the party that’s great – just icing on the cake”. Frank tried to sound like it was no big deal to him. But inside he was nervous and wondered if Frangelica would come to the party. Then he wondered what he would do if she did come to the party. What would they talk about? What was he going to wear? Maybe he should get some new jeans or boots to wear. Would they really have anything in common?

What Is Your Take?

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