Train Your Brain instead of Medicating?

Who out there has tried Luminosity? Was it just another game to you or did you truly see results? Well, here is some news:

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Lumos Labs this month agreed to pay the US Fair Trade Commission $2m to settle false marketing allegations against its Lumosity brain-training game. The company had claimed its games helped users perform better at work and could even alleviate symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.  (Luminosity info)

But what if we could take the billions and billions of dollars spent today on mental health medical treatments and turn them to non-pharmacological treatments? Would you go for it? And what if it could help with dementia? My father has dementia and I do wonder if I am more at risk for it – though the (at least to me) silly peanut butter Alzheimer’s test doesn’t quite convince me.

With Akili Interactive Labs new product, Evo, just about to start the clinical trials I am wondering if this could really be a breakthrough for some mental health disorders. It could be, since Shire and Pfizer have joined in with the Akili team for the Alzheimers aspect.

So, if you have the wonder around familial Alzheimers, dementia, ADHD, or other mental health disorders treatment could be around the corner in the form of an electronic tablet and not one made of drugs…

What do you think?

What Is Your Take?

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