Help Cleaning the Bookshelf

Tori sat on the futon watching Mom type on the computer – again. She had watched her type for quite a while now. Over the last weeks Mom had been doing a lot of cleaning out of stuff. There were piles all over the house. “Thank goodness none of my stuff is in the piles!” thought Tori.

“But, I am just sitting here. And I am bored. Last week I watched her take all the books off the shelf and put some in a pile. Maybe I can help with that”. So Tori walked over to the bookshelf and hopped onto the second shelf from the bottom. Then she proceeded to use her paw to hook each book and push it to the edge of the shelf. Sometimes she needed to give it an extra push to make it fall over the edge. “This is kind of fun! I can watch each one fall over the edge and plop onto the floor!”. Tori kept doing this until almost all the books were gone. Then she looked up at Mom and said “Hey, Mom, did you see what I did? Is this helping?”. Well, Mom just laughed at her and said “Tori, Tori”. So Tori took that as affirmative – she was doing the right thing. She went back to knocking each book off the shelf until there were none left. Then she wandered off bored again.

What Is Your Take?

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