Heidi Moves to the Back Pasture

Heidi thought the day was pretty cold. It was sunny and there were plenty of other young heifers and bulls to play with. She was the biggest in the pasture of the heifers and bulls. That made it even better for her b/c she could scare them and play jokes on them and just run around with them. The cows were much more sedate and didn’t like to play with her. The man from the house, the lady, the boy from the house and the other man came out to the pasture. They filled the feed bins in the fenced in area up with those treats. Now all the cows were jostling to get to the treats. Heidi wasn’t so sure about going into the fenced in area but she went. She had a whole bin of food to herself for quite a while. The other cows were on the other side of the fenced in area. She saw the lady standing outside and talking to the other people. She looked at her a few times. Then he saw the boy from the house come into the fenced area. He was moving toward her and another cow. He moved them into another part of the fenced area. Then a gate closed. The man from the house came into the new area and then the other cow went out and Heidi was left there alone. She wasn’t sure what was happening but she could still hear the lady talking outside. She saw a gate open into a trailer and she went ahead and stepped into the trailer. Once she was in the trailer pulled up and another door closed. Then the trailer started moving. A few minutes later Heidi stopped. The trailer door opened into a new pasture. She could see 5 other heifers there. They looked pretty happy. She was a bit scared though. The lady came into the pasture but Heidi was too scared to want to go up to her today. The lady, man and boy from the house hung around for a little while. The other heifers weren’t too friendly. They weren’t really mean “but not friendly like I am” thought Heidi. Heidi didn’t really like it in the new pasture at first. She tried to get out and broke a fence and fence post. This seemed to worry the lady. The boy came out and looked at the fence, shook his head, and left. The man from the first pasture came out on that riding thing and chased her back into the new pasture a couple of days in a row. Then as the days passed the other girls were more accepting of Heidi, much to her relief. They got treats everyday. Heidi thought “I could like this a bit better than the old pasture. There are treats every day and these girls could be more fun to play with”.

What Is Your Take?

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