An Evening with the Heifers

It was just about an hour from dark – what some might call early dusk. The lady from the house decided to come visit the heifers. Lately, the smaller man from the house had been visiting, supplying the tasty treats, and giving some scratches on the head to the heifers. Some of the heifers were still hesitant to let him scratch their heads but a couple were not afraid. After all, he gave out treats! The lady from the house came down to the pasture and opened the gate. She walked into the pasture and stood there talking out loud. At least the heifers think that she was talking. There was a sound coming from her mouth but they could not understand the words. Ophelia approached her a nd snuffled about her. Then the other heifers approached more slowly and at different lengths away from the lady. After a few minutes the lady went to get this metal thing and turned it over to sit on it. Ophelia and the heifers approached her tentatively again. The breathe from their noses were forming little warm clouds in the air. The lady thought to herself “they are like little heaters surrounding me” and she smiled. After sitting there for a few minutes Ophelia decided to taste of the lady’s shoe. Ophelia licked the shoe and said to the others “I don’t know what is on here but this is even better than the treats!”. Once Ophelia made that comment then Matilda came closer to the lady and started to lick the shoe, also. “Oh, my! This IS really good!” said Matilda. Kate, Lydia and Nelda were still unsure of the lady. Ophelia and Matilda were not going to encourage them to get any closer because they did not want to share the treat. The lady switched shoes and that scared the heifers for a minute. But Ophelia and Matilda were right back to licking the new shoe very quickly. Then the heifers heard a sound come from the house. It sounded like the big man who came to give out treats and sometimes scratch their heads. Sure enough, a few minutes later he appeared at the gate. The lady got up to meet him at the gate. They both made sounds. The tones were like the heifers remembered with their mom and dad. Kind of soft and sweet – like they really liked each other. Then the lady and the big man touched noses – the heifers call this kissing (Kate always giggles when they say this!). Then the lady went back and sat on the turned over metal thing. Ophelia resumed her licking of the lady’s shoe and even tried to take a few bites. The lady used a scolding tone with Ophelia so she knew she better stop or she wouldn’t be able to continue licking the shoe. Matilda joined right back in, also. As Ophelia continued to lick she also nudged her head at the lady. The lady reached out her hand to scratch Ophelia’s head. ”Mmmmm, that is wonderful! My ears were itching and that scratching is just perfect. I’ll move my head just a bit and then she’ll get this spot to the left….”. Matilda noticed and got a bit jealous. She nudged Ophelia and got nudged back. Matilda said to O phelia “There’s room for two of us. She has two hands last I checked!”. The lady scolded them for doing this so they settled down. Matilda then also got her head scratched. “Wow, Ophelia. You were holding back on me. You should have said that getting your head and ears scratched was this great!” At that point Nelda attempted to join in with the licking and scratching but Matilda wasn’t sharing anymore. So she nudged Nelda and told her “Back off! She’s busy!”. In the background the lady could see Kate and Lydia were on the outskirts of the group. Sometimes Kate would start to move closer and then Lydia would nudge her back with a quiet snuffle of “Be careful. Just because they like her doesn’t mean that we should”. The lady guessed that Lydia was a bit protective of Kate and still wasn’t sure of the lady yet. But really, Lydia is very cautious of everything and a bit of a scaredy cat. Well, the lady stayed for just a bit longer. It was getting colder. Then she went to the gate and then to the house. The heifers hoped she would come back the next day…

What Is Your Take?

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